Friday, November 15, 2013

KaijuCast Visits Kaiju Toymaker X-Plus

KaijuCast's Kyle visits X-plus
KaijuCast is one of the best things to happen to Kaiju Fandom. They have their pulse on what appeals to Kaiju fans just by being huge fans themselves. Kyle Yount is the founder and his passion is clear as he describes his love for all things Godzilla:
"I love Godzilla. Not just the king, either… I take pride in being able to enjoy all of Japan’s giant monster films. Am I an expert? Not by a long shot, but that’s kind of the point with this podcast – I want an excuse to learn more about Godzilla, his friends, his foes and the men and women who have created this fantastic genre!" --Kyle Yount, KaijuCast Founder
A great part of the podcast is the the attention to the different Godzilla soundtracks. Kyle notes, "I am opening another door to Godzilla fanaticism that I have yet to really dive into, soundtrack collection. My goal will be to involve myself not only with collecting, but learning to appreciate the subtle changes between composers and themes in the soundtracks."

Kyle Yount standing in front of an X-Plus display case

Recently on the KaijuCast Video Transmission YouTube channel, Kyle visits X-Plus a company known for making some of the best Godzilla figures. Kyle does a great interview showcasing how X-plus started and how they have grown. Watch the video below.

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