Thursday, February 20, 2014

Godzilla is HUGE in New Godzilla 2014 Poster

This New Godzilla 2014 Poster Make G Look Bigger Than Ever
(Click poster to see full screen)

It could be that the Gareth Edwards' Godzilla 2014 version will be the biggest yet. Larger and larger Godzillas is definitely the trend. If this trend keeps up, he will be able to devour planets in a single chomp. 

Check out a couple of info graphics below that illustrate the "growing" trend of Godzilla through the years.

This is a great info graphic that shows Godzilla's growth  through the years (click picture to enlarge)

Below is an even niftier graphic that shows Godzilla size from movie-to-movie.

Click the image above to enlarge

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