Saturday, January 4, 2014

3D Artist Creates Magnificent Category 5 Pacific Rim Kaiju

3D artist Marcus Dublin created this magnificent kaiju named Titanus (click picture to enlarge) 
 "I loved the designs of the [Pacific Rim] Kaiju so much that I decided to make one of my very own." --Marcus Dublin; 3D artist

This 3D model has so many novel details while staying true to the style to Pacific Rim, it is definitely a master piece. If we were to have any critique it would be that the silhouette is a little too similar to Leatherback, but with the the innovative placement of the exo-platting and horns that seem inspired by a  triceratops head plate is true genius. There is more than enough detail to make this Kaiju stand out on it's own.

Marcus Dublin's skills goes far beyond model making, he has rendered his model in different environments with different lighting and paid strict attention to textures. And the glowing kaiju blue highlights are as if Guillermo Del Toro drew them himself. If you look at the spiral marking of creatures from Hellboy or Pan's Labyrinth these spiral paths are signature to Del Toro and most artist miss the mark. These hit the mark perfectly, they look like they are dripped from above and take a life of their own by swirling back in on themselves. 

Check out more photos below. Click on any of the photos to enlarge, trust me, you will want to see these full screen!

Titanus in the City

Titanaus in the City at Eye Level

Titanus in the Ocean Above

Titanus in the Ocean Below

Finally for you 3D model geeks here are some of the meshes, Titanus without textures and the isolated textures themselves.

You can check out more Marcus Dublin's work at his two websites:

Marcus Dublin – Lead Artist
Art Bully Productions, LLC / Co-founder 
Company Website:

Personal Website:


  1. FREAKIN' AWSOME MARCUS!!!! Crazy respect!

  2. looks like a straight up rip off of a real pacific rim kaiju.

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