Saturday, January 4, 2014

Newsarama: Mutos are Test Tube Monsters Created in Secret Lab

Everything Kaiju's photoshop rendition of the Muto lab reveal has released it's top ten movies to watch in 2014, and coming in at number 10 is Legendary's Godzilla. Although they got the ranking wrong they do seem to know more about Muto's than most of the media. In the description of the movie they clearly label Mutos as, "test-tube monsters. . .created in a secret government lab that threaten to take over the world." You can read the full movie description below as well as a video of Damian Brovo, editor of Universe G, speculating what this all means.

Born off the coast of Japan in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion, the lizard-king Godzilla returns to theatres in 2014. Directed by avowed kaiju mega-fan Garth Edwards (Monster) with a final script by Frank Darabont, this new film coming on May 16 looks to crush earlier renditions of Godzilla and leave Godzilla-sized footprint for a new generation.

In this new Godzilla, the monster known in Japan as Gojira will be fighting against test-tube monsters, dubbed Mutos, created in a secret government lab that threaten to take over the world. Godzilla’s cast is a veritable goldmine of acting talent, with Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Kick-Ass star (and future Avenger) Aaron Taylor-Johnson leading an ensemble which includes Ken Watanabe, Juliette Bionche, Elizabeth Olsen (also a future Avenger), and a staple of the Godzilla franchise, Akira Takarada.

Edwards’ Godzilla is coming out on the 60th Anniversary of the titular lizard’s birth.

Check out Damian Bravo of Universe G below:


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