Monday, January 27, 2014

King of Monsters is King of Movie Trailers Too

Yes, Elizabeth Olsen, Godzilla is huge! 
Zefr is a company that helps market YouTube content. As expert marketers they also keep track of YouTube views and statistics. In an article by The Hollywood Reporter, Zefr notes that the Godzilla 2014 trailer tops the charts as the most viewed trailer this week, beating out the sequel to 300 and Disney's Sleeping Beauty remake, Maleficent.

Read the blurb about Godzilla 2014 below.

The first teaser for the new Godzilla update was the most-viewed coming attraction on YouTube for the week ending Jan. 26.

The trailer recorded 4.8 million views on YouTube, according to technology company Zefr, which tracks the numbers. The flame-throwing monster's preview has notched 27.8 million total views since its release on Dec. 10. The movie starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen opens May 16.

New coming attractions held the second and third spots in the week's rankings of the ten most-viewed trailers. At No. 2 was the third trailer for 300: Rise of An Empire with 3.1 million views. The movie's first trailer has notched more than 46.8 million views since arriving in June. The swords-and-sandals epic hits theaters the first week of March.

Maleficent's new "Dream" trailer placed third, with 1.7 million views. The Angelina Jolie-Elle Fanning spin on the classic story of Sleeping Beauty opens May 30. 
Since Zefr used to be MovieClips, and still owns the YouTube channel MovieClips, it is no coincidence that the YouTube video the article points to is the MovieClips version (as opposed to the Warner Bros. version). So watch the embedded MovieClips version as well as the MovieClips Instant Trailer Review.

You can read the original Hollywood reporter report 'Godzilla' Teaser Outpaces New Previews for '300: Rise of an Empire,' 'Maleficent'.


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