Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Godzilla 2014 Toy Picture Leaked

This is an artistic interpretation of the leaked photo. The original photograph has been removed
by requests of the counsel for JAKKS Pacific, Inc. 

TokuNation has recently released a potential image of the new Godzilla 2014 toy. Read what they have to say below:

The figure in question is currently speculated to be either a standard Bandai of America release or a large Jakks Pacific figure. Based on the image the tail appears to be jointed, at least in the middle, the shoulders and hips appear to feature articulation to some degree, and it looks like the mouth opens. Without more information to go on than this image, your guess is as good as ours as to what this thing actually is. Stay tuned to TokuNation for further updates of this story, and for all of your Godzilla 2014 Film news!

SRC: TokuNation
Below you can read fan reactions from



It feels a bit off, but I guess I can get used it...
The path I follow leads into darkness, where not even the tiniest ray of light reaches my eyes.


if you look closely the display notes say 'models are not final, pending licensor approval'.


Thank god, I was about to really get frustrated with it.
The path I follow leads into darkness, where not even the tiniest ray of light reaches my eyes.


the tail isnt that long in the trailer it was long so i think this is a prototype?


@GODZILLAFAN1995 The sign is most likely talking about the toy itself. Meaning this may be the final design of Godzilla but the way the toy works is subject to change.


Am Gigan it,s nice that you found this toy but the tail is a little small in the trailer you can see Godzilla,s tail long so this is not the final desgin and also I pretty sure there making and fixing there toy just the way they want it


the spines of this toy are shorter than what it was in the teaser and the tail is different to the one on the poster.


I think this proves that the feet will be stumps, but besides the feet, everything else looks AMAZING


@GODZILLAFAN1995 & XXSABERBLACKCROW This is a toy. Not a collectible. Not everything is going to match perfectly. The little differences mean nothing. This is Godzilla 2014


This is not a final design, so we have some time to get something a tiny bit better.

It's cool, no doubt. But it's not 100% what it will look like yet.


Is that the Bandai America one?


@KYERO It could mean that but I'm 99% positive the signs mean the model and function of the toy are subject to change, not the design.
@KAIJUFAN2014 I have no idea, it's a Godzilla 2014 toy and that's good enough for me.


I do really like the head of the Godzilla but Godzilla in the picture kinda looks like he wants too dance with someone


I like the design, but I don't really like the massive overbite.


@COOLGODZILLA1234 Don't worry, the toy looks like it has a movable jaw, the upper mouth is overexaggerated for this action to work. Godzilla will not need braces in the film. :)

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