Monday, December 2, 2013

Today in Godzilla History | Dec 2, 1978 | Godzilla Meets the Time Dragon

Godzilla is on call for the crew of the Calico in the original Animated series.

For two seasons Hanna-Barbara and Toho released a 30-minute animated Godzilla series. It mostly revolved around a ship called the Calico led by Captain Carl Majors. Included in the crew was scientist Dr. Quinn Darien, her nephew Pete, her research assistant Brock. Godzilla's cowardly cousin Godzooky was the token 1980's comic relief. Think Bat-Mite (“The New Adventures of Batman”) or Scrappy Doo.

Today in Godzilla history the finale episode of season one aired, you can read the episode descriptions below. If Saturday morning Godzilla aint your bag, you can skip below and watch the hilarious Cartoon Network spoof  below, Godzilla Vs. The Y2K Bug, using footage from the original cartoon.

"The Time Dragons" (December 2, 1978): The team and Godzilla are, strangely, teleported back to prehistoric times. They must find their way back to the present time without disrupting the past.(

The Calico faces certain destruction when it gets warped in time all the way back to prehistory. They meet a tribe of cavemen but are confronted with a T-Rex and they have to scramble to figure out what to do. A little bit of luck gets them back to the present. Can Godzilla save the day? (

Stalking the forests of his tropical home, the massive dinosaur soon came across the Calico crew while they tried to return to the ship. The monster intercepted them and crushed the Godzilla signaler, but luckily Godzooky was there to call him manually. The nuclear leviathan rose from the sea to fight again, and as the two battled, their massive feet unearthed a pool of glowing uranium ore.
Not knowing of the substance's properties, Godzilla picked up the mud-like substance and was instantly transported back to his own age, leaving the Calico to defend for themselves. Once again, however, the group was saved, but this time by the native cave tribe. Dr. Quinn shouted out, telling the group to use the gray mud on them and the dinosaur.
When the Time Dragon was hit, he, the Calico, and its crew were transported back to the modern age, but now the same satellite that had initially sent them back was about to hit Godzilla again. Knowing of what happened, Godzilla took a deep breath and blew as hard as he could. The hurricane-like wind blast sent the satellite into the hands of the dinosaur, in turn sending him back to his own prehistoric world. (

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