Thursday, December 26, 2013

Toho Releases Interactive Godzilla Website

Godzilla 60th anniversary logo and website at
"Godzilla" site open! 60th Anniversary teaser site is open. Also trick something happens when you press the buttons, such as "G"! --Translated from

Kaiju fans, we are back from vacation and we plan on catching up on all the news. One of the best things to happen during our vacation was the launch of the interactive Godzilla 60th Anniversary teaser site. It's not necessarily a game, but it is entertaining.

This game was officially announce on December 19th on the website. You play the big guy and trash the Japanes architecture. There are few keys that you can push to highten the experience:
E= Will make jets fly over head
M = Will call Mothra
K = Will call King Ghidora
G = Well...make sure you have the sound on when you press this.
Jump to to play around this interactive site. Below is a sample video of the game play.

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