Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pacific Rim Cocktails for New Years Eve

(Click to enlarge) One of many cocktails based on Pacific Rim
The folks at Hard Act To Follow had some cocktail suggestions based on the Pacific Rim movie. Click on the pictures below to mix your poison. Happy New Year, Drink responsibility and if your under 21 don't drink (alcohol) at all. 

(Click to enlarge) The Jaeger

(Click to enlarge) Gipsy Danger

(Click to enlarge) The Cherno Alpha

(Click to enlarge) The Coyote Tango

(Click to enlarge)  The Crimson Typhoon

(Click to enlarge) The Shatterdome

(Click to enlarge) The Striker Eureka

(Click to enlarge) the Drift

See you in the Drift!!!

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